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The U.S. Sailing Certified Courses have been a great success for the adult classes.  Help pass the word about this exciting sport of sailing, and look to the  High School Sailing page for more information on the High School Sailing Training.


Adult and Youth Sailing Classes Open to the Public

The classes offered at Performance Sail and Sport are:

Beginner High School Training Course, this 12 hour course is designed for the high school student with no sailing experience whatsoever.  It follows the U.S. Sailing Certified Course guidlines but more streamlined with a touch of competition added.  Min. class size: 6, Max: 8, fee: $160 + $15 for text book. (Ages 14-18 only).


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The Beginner Sailing Course, this 1 hour course is for those whom haven’t sailed in a long time and want to relearn the basics before renting. This course has no class minimum with two the maximum and advanced booking is required. Fee: $80/hr / $60/hr (club members) (boat included). Reservations Only for Weekday Evenings (after 3pm) and Weekends.


Adult Intermediate Evening Courses, this 4-6 hour course is designed for the adult who wants the certified course but does not need to have the certificate. This course material is the same as below but without the written or on water exams. Max. class size 6, no minimum. Fee: $295 / $200 (club members). Reservations Only for Weekday Evenings (after 3pm) and Weekends.


Adult U.S. Sailing Certified Weekend and Evening Courses, this course is designed in the semi-private format so that you can decide when to sail. You pick the best two 4 hour time slots that suites your busy schedule.   This course will go in more depth to the theory of sailing (how a boat sails), basic sailing terminology, personal and boating safety, basic right-of-way rules, as well as the basic sailing skills needed to leave and return to the beach or dock.  On the water sailing drills follow a short classroom lecture for a fun and safe sailing adventure. An hour classroom lecture is followed by a 3 hour on-the-water instruction each day.  Includes text, log books and certificate. Max. class size 6, Min. 2. Fee: $395 / $295 (club members).


Time slots: Sat - Sun. 9am -1pm(Call ahead for reservations).


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Private Lessons, private lessons can be set-up to teach you what you want to learn.  Use your own boat or use ours.  We can travel to your location.  Fee: $80/hr / $60/hr (club members)


Looking For Someone to Sail With?

Think of that small boat sailing club. Weekends are a good time to come out and sail with other small boat owners here at Performance Sail. We have almost two dozen boats stored here by active sailors.  Weekends can be a flurry of activity here, sometimes barbecues and "bull" sessions break-out at spur of the moment. Our Sunday Wave Racing program started with a bang. You can join the fun if you like to race.  See our Announcements page for up to date events and results.

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