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Here at Performance Sail & Sport, we like to stay active in the community. Find out the latest information on events, activities and everything else about PSS in Brevard County.

Making youth sailing in Brevard County is a priority for us at Performance Sail & Sport. Check back here to see what we are doing to bring sailing to youth, high school and collegiate levels in Central Florida.

Looking For Someone to Sail With?

Think of that small boat sailing club. Weekends are a good time to come out and sail with other small boat owners here at Performance Sail. We have almost two dozen boats stored here by active sailors.  Weekends can be a flurry of activity here, sometimes barbecues and "bull" sessions break-out at spur of the moment. Our Sunday Wave Racing program started with a bang. You can join the fun if you like to race.  See our Announcements page for up to date events and results.

Yakima Rack Systems

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